Car Carpet Cleaning

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Take a gander at our collection of car carpet cleaning products and get ready to be blown away. Whether you’ve got muddy footprints from a weekend adventure or spilled your trusty Tim Tam biscuits (no judgment here), we’ve got just the right solutions to get your car carpets looking dinky-di again.

Our range includes powerful carpet cleaners specially formulated to penetrate deep into the fibres, lifting away dirt, grime, and those pesky mystery stains. You can say goodbye to unsightly marks and unpleasant odours as our products work their magic to leave your carpets smelling as fresh as the Aussie bush after a summer rain.

To make your cleaning mission a breeze, we also stock a range of specialised carpet cleaning tools and accessories. From sturdy brushes and scrubbers to handy spot cleaners and deodorisers, we’ve got all the gear you need to tackle any car carpet cleaning challenge. No matter how tough the mess, we’ve got your back, mate!